Icey U P

Over on there's plenty of coverage on the ice storm. If you haven't heard, a massive weather system caused chaos and death from Texas to Illinois, then relocated towards New England. Thousands upon thousands are without power, 36 are already dead, so naturally I'm going to make a snarky editorial comment about CNN's coverage. Specifically I take issue with their choice of headline.

Icey storm slams N.E. after leaving Oklahoma, Missouri in dark

So what's the problem, you may ask? Simple. ICEY is not a word. It's "icy". Even the author knows it's icy--she used it three times in the piece.

See? Sometimes even the pros screw it up. So next time you feel amazing for coming across an error in any paper (even the Weekly), get over it. We have better things to worry about and so do you.

UPDATE: As of 4:20 pm CNN has corrected their error. No longer is the storm Icey. Now it's just Ice. 


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