'I Still Like Apple Pie'

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Kudos to Rebecca Schoenkopf for her look at the Karl Rove affair ["Commie Girl," July 22]. It was the best piece I've read and pretty much stands alone since the mainstream media somehow refuses to go there. That same media, which went berserk over a president accused of getting a blowjob, refuses to see that Robert Novak gave the Bush administration a blowjob in editorial pages across the nation. That's quite a load to swallow. Bill Clinton's lie was about sex; the Bush administration's lie is about compromising national security. I guess Bush's supporters, who supported a war based on lies, don't have enough of a life to appreciate good blowjobs or to call out bad ones.


We used to execute people who committed treason. Where is the outrage?


Four years ago, I was a dyed-in-the-wool Republican with a fervent belief in Apple Pie, Big Tanks and the American Way. After 9/11, I dropped out of grad school and rejoined the military after serving in Gulf War I. But sometime during the past three years, everything went crazy. Turns out that my beloved military had decided, with help from the Bush administration, that the Geneva Convention didn't apply, and instead of flying relief supplies in, I was going to be strapping human beings to the cold floor of a military jet and transporting them to their new home in the tropics. Where did we go wrong? Sure, the military loves a fight, but just like any tool, it must be wielded properly if you want to achieve good results. Somehow we forgot about the Afghan people and decided to go Nation Wrecking. And since it's a lot more fun to break things than it is to fix them, we turned full force to our old familiar enemy. Rebecca, I've read your column before and always have found it well-thought-out and amusing, but I read your piece about Karl Rove with growing anger and fury. Bush really doesn't want to win the war because then his buddies would be out of work. It's maddening because I'm trapped in the military, and none of us has a way out. It wouldn't be so bad if we were rebuilding Afghanistan instead of blowing up Iraq. I wanted to help make the world safer from terrorism, and all I've done is take part in the biggest terrorist-training operation since the occupation of the West Bank. I feel so betrayed, hurt and angry. Thanks for writing and using your freedom of expression while it lasts. I enjoy your column and what you have to say. And just so you know, I still like Apple Pie.


C'mon, guys. Admit it. The reason you hate Karl Rove is because he outsmarted you in the last election.


I read Elizabeth Khuri's article about her experience onboard the QuicksilverIndiesTraderand felt compelled to respond ["Abercrombie & Fish," July 8]. Khuri's article spent so much time focusing on superficial elements she washed over the larger purpose of the voyage. Everyone from the "eye-candy" crew to the blue-eyed captain, "lollypop-accented blonde" and surfers onboard spoke eloquently to me about their intent of sharing good will, shots of killer waves and ecological discoveries with the world. Khuri's article was inappropriate and incorrect, and she has done a disservice to good people engaged in a good cause by not giving her story the depth it deserved.


As the elderly mother of 14-year-old twins, I have heard "Hollaback Girl" approximately 2,000 times. I couldn't stand the total bewilderment any longer, so I went online with the question "What does Hollaback Girl mean?" Google sent me directly to Greg Stacy's hilarious article "This Shit is Bananas" [May 6]. I sat there in my pajamas laughing my head off, and then I realized that, for all I knew, his analysis was a true explanation of the song. I'm still bewildered but in a better mood.


I am absolutely floored at your Letters section this week [July 22] slamming Steve Lowery's joke about Nick Carter and the death penalty ["Diary of a Mad County," July 8]. I remember clearly the line to which the letter writers refer, and like most of the time when I read "Diary of a Mad County," I laughed out loud at Lowery's sharp and sometimes-caustic wit. I can't believe some of your readers took it so seriously. It was a joke—and Lowery writes some of the best ones in your paper every week.


Probably like your own Steve Lowery, I think readers who can't understand the concept of tongue-in-cheekought to be executed alongside DUI offenders. Unlike those readers, I prefer such articles to be either clever or amusing. Throwing salty language at expired jokes doesn't make them fresh again. Mr. Lowery could have noted certain "best if used by" dates for carny jokes, circa 1997, when Austin Powers scraped the last bit of funny out of them; or of connecting a joke to one's make-believe standup career.


That article was weak [Gustavo Arellano's "Special on Sambo, Aisle Dos!" July 15]. Just like this e-mail.





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