i need a girlfriend who's a blackout drinker

there are three songs you should (and CAN!) listen to at this very instant:

*kelley stoltz channelling paul mccartney on "the sun comes through" *the new pornographers channelling god and the angels and all of pop heaven on "sing me spanish techno" *long beach's own brad lindsay soundling like a fey ted leo (and i mean that as a compliment) on "with a flick of my wrist"

brad's been on my mind a lot recently, having caught him up at the eagle rock sunday night bowling and drinking club two weeks back (full disclosure: i help book and promote and also dj at the club) and then again at the prospector on tuesday. not knowing, well, anything about guitar playing or guitar style, i can't really elaborate much on why brad puts on a good show except to say this: he's six-feet-tall and super skinny and blonde and you expect him to cover belle & sebastian, but then he trots out guitar solo after guitar solo and pretty soon you're totally into it. i really hope he plays oc soon. [related: my old friends fielding were also on the bill, and i know it's been a personal joke of mine that 2006 is the new 2003, but seriously? it was kind of surreal to watch them play after not seeing them for almost two years. not much has changed--the band still channels nada surf (in the best way ever) and has perfected their hits (see "legless" and "the giant") to the point of making you want to puke technicolor, cotton candy-scented rainbows. good luck to them at south by southwest. they'll be playing to an open bar and a legion of fans at the scene bar on friday if you'd like to bid them farewell.]

other shows i've enjoyed this week: a few songs from charles kamm's heavily-attended set opening for the model airplanes at detroit bar on monday. his band was loud and clangy and loose and did i mention it was heavily-attended? dude's got a ton of friends. seriously. the planes continue their residency next week with quiet rocker frank lenz, who just won me over with the line "i need a girlfriend who's a blackout drinker" from "just cause" and OH MY GOSH "i've been fucking up" is the greatest song i've listened to all day. also, susanna hoffs (still absolutely gorgeous) and matthew sweet (looking like van morrison now oh no!) performing songs from their new album, under the covers, last night at hotel cafe. "cinnamon girl" and "the kids are alright" and also the vu's "sunday morning" alone were worth hearing, although i secretly wished lindsey buckingham would join matthew on stage and cover "crimson and clover." is that lame?

lastly: check out the loose fur video on stereogum, then scroll down and watch what would happen if microsoft designed the ipod packaging.

also on tap: vavak and model airplanes at the prospector tonight; el ten eleven, elijah fell and the soft lites at detroit bar, too.

p.s.: i can't stop listening to frank lenz's "i've been fucking up". it's been on repeat for the last half hour. i can't stop. SO. GOOD.


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