I Like You Sells Out the Lido

I Like You Sells Out the Lido

A no-budget indie feature completed in four months by friends in the movie industry has sold out its Thursday night premiere at the Regency Lido Theatre, its Newport Beach production company has announced.

9000 Wolves Productions bills I Like You as "an honest and raw depiction of teenage life in Reno, Nevada, and the perils of being a teenager in love and all the angst that comes along with a first love."

I Like You was directed and edited by Jamie Heinrich and written by Joseph Whitmarsh. It stars Parker Peterson, Mike Benna and Brian Boush.

Heinrich has previously directed short films and videos, but I Like You represents his feature debut. It's also Whitmarsh's first feature and the acting debut for the three leads.

I Like You Sells Out the Lido

Heinrich, Whitmarsh and I Like You DP Ryan Baker are essentially 9000 Wolves Productions, which was formed last year.

"This film captures the essence of being a teenager with the twists and turns on the road to adulthood. I believe we characterized this film in a way that Hollywood can't replicate," Whitmarsh says in the 9000 Wolves announcement of Thursday's sold-out screening.

Visit ilikeyoumovie.com for more about their film, and the 9000 Wolves Facebook page for more about the company.


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