I Just Wanted to Say PISS OFF!

I thought you were different; you said you had changed/But what you really are is plain ol' deranged!

You told me you loved me, then said, "I do"/Then you got over me like a case of the flu/

I was upset and totally depressed for a while/You just laughed and said "That's not my style"/

You even went and whined to my family and tried to get them on your side/

But they knew the truth all along; you should've been the bride!!!

The evil things you did would curl the hairs on a demon/Let's just put it this way: you were a waste of semen! SEND ANONYMOUS THANKS, CONFESSIONS OR ACCUSATIONS—CHANGING OR DELETING THE NAMES OF THE GUILTY AND INNOCENT—TO "HEY, YOU!" C/O OC WEEKLY, 1666 N. MAIN ST., STE. 500, SANTA ANA, CA 92701-7417, OR E-MAIL US AT LETTERS@OCWEEKLY.COM.

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