I Didn't Scratch Your Ride

Box Brown

You left a crudely handwritten note on the windshield of my car, which was parked outside my orthopedic surgeon's office in Fountain Valley on Tuesday, Sept. 11. In it, you accused me of scratching and chipping your car when I parked next to you. You called me names and dropped a lot of F-bombs. The truth is when I parked my car, I didn't bump into anything. I've checked all over my car, and I did not find any scratches, chips or other kind of damage. I believe either the car that was previously parked next to you might have been the culprit or your car was damaged somewhere else and you just discovered it that day. Just so you know, I don't appreciate being wrongly accused or cursed out over things I'm not responsible for. May I suggest that as soon as you get your car fixed, you see a professional about your anger issues. Based on the tone of your profanity-laced note, I believe you're capable of violence, which makes me glad that I didn't have to meet you in person. Thanks for reminding me that Orange County is full of crazies who seek unwarranted confrontations over things other people are responsible for.

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