Norma Jean gets the last laugh
Norma Jean gets the last laugh
Jennie Warren

Hurts So Good

Some people like it when it hurts. Norma Jean Riddick, 40, is a former dominatrix, now a standup comedian living in Costa Mesa. She was willing to give us a glimpse into the underworld of fetishes and masochism.

OC Weekly: How did you learn dominatrixing?

Norma Jean Riddick: I went on the Internet, and I sent out applications for an apprenticeship. One woman accepted me, and I did about four months of hard slave labor for her, everything from cleaning her dungeon to cleaning her uniforms. But when you're looking for a free education, that's what you go through. I learned Web design from her; I learned marketing; I learned rope ties-there's a whole gambit of things she taught me.

Some people believe the world of BDSM is creepy. What do you think?

I don't think it's creepy at all for me to kick some guy in the nuts and get paid $200. I think it's fucking smart.

First you kick the nuts, then you take the money! Is there an abbreviation for that brand of wrong?

"CBT," or Cock and Ball Torture. It's a kick with the top of the shoe hitting the balls as hard as that person can stand it. Or you can use clamps, rope . . . umm, spiked gloves. But you wouldn't just do that to anybody; this is a person who's a masochist. It has to be painful for it to even do anything for them. You wouldn't understand it unless you're a masochist yourself. I don't understand it, either, because I'm not really into pain, but I've seen the progression among a certain amount of clients, where they came to me for just public humiliation. Then, a year later, I put needles through their sack.

Public humiliation? What's that like—you cock-and-ball-torture a guy in a crowded restaurant?

Sort of. I had this guy—he was from India. In India, the man is always the leader and walks in front of the woman and stuff like that. Well, he was just craving to be humiliated. So I bring him to this deli, and I bring in my purse an empty Tupperware container and two Ziploc bags with baby food in them, one with strained peas and one with squash. When the food came, he said [mocking Indian accent], "She didn't bring my food." I said, "I didn't order you any food; I've got your dinner right here." So I take out the Ziploc bags, and I cut a little bit on the corner, and I said "Here, suck on this." He's right-handed, and I'm making him do it with his left hand. Then I took his right hand and cuffed him to the chair. And I told you I brought a Tupperware container . . . well, I pissed in there. So he washed his strained peas down with my piss. Then I uncuffed him and gave him a pair of pink panties, and I said, "Go in the bathroom and put these over your pants." So he comes out, and the whole restaurant applauds him. He was so embarrassed he ran outside. [laughs]

How did you get away with that?

I truly believe that women are the superior gender, and I will never stray from that notion. Women give men their purpose, motivation and direction for life. Without us, they have nothing.

Norma Jean Riddick's appearance on the TLC makeover show 10 Years Younger airs Feb. 15, 10 p.m. She can be contacted at


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