Huntington Beach Teens Beat Man with Skateboards--But Was it Self-Defense or Attempted Murder?

Ever see the movie Kids? Remember that scene where a group of idiots nearly beat a man to death with their skateboards? That's what happened Friday night at Mundy Park in Huntington Beach--but the circumstances are in dispute.

Police told the media over the weekend that a brawl broke out between two group of skateboarders, and that a man tried to intervene after his girlfriend got in the mix. One group ended up chasing the man into a Laundromat and beating him so severely that he remains in critical condition at UCI Medical Center. The beaters fled the scene, but HB cops tracked down seven of the teens, arresting four of them for attempted murder.

That's version #1.

#2, on the other hand, comes courtesy of KTLA-TV Channel 5, who tracked down the father of one of the arrested teens. His version? Yes, his son and others hit the man--but it was in self-defense.

Who's telling the truth? HBPD will release more details today--details to come...

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