HB's aerial circus clown act
HB's aerial circus clown act

Huntington Beach Residents Lost Their Police Helicopter . . . Again

Huntington Beach Police Department officials must think that city residents are willing to hand them an endless supply of tax dollars even for periodic acts of juvenile bullying.

That's right: Surf City residents lost their expensive police helicopter this afternoon because once again the pilots thought it would be more fun to leave their city and tail me, an investigative journalist assigned to expose police corruption in Orange County.

Wherever I drove through three cities that don't contract with Huntington Beach police for helicopter patrol services, the HB air unit followed.

In one sense, it's funny that well-paid, adult men with badges and a sworn obligation to honor and ethics think that they can use valuable public equipment in hopes of intimidating a journalist.

It's also funny that these boys find so much artificial bravery at 300 or 400 feet.

Say cheese: Air bullies
Say cheese: Air bullies

But, I'm guessing that if you're a Huntington Beach resident, you might be wondering: If the police pilots have so much free time to play outside the city, then is the helicopter program really necessary for public safety?

Or, are the helicopters just toys for the carnal-like pleasures of warped cops?

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There is no meaningful oversight of any police helicopter program in Orange County.

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