Chief Ken Small
Chief Ken Small

Huntington Beach Police Chief's Troubled Daughter Accused of Stabbing Husband

OC Weekly previously praised Huntington Beach Police Chief Ken Small for opting out of using cameras at intersections to catch red light violators.

He also did the right thing in firing Officer James Roberts III,  who has been charged with battering, sexually assaulting and inflicting emotional distress on his wife and an ex-girlfriend (among other sicko counts).

The latter woman on May 6 sued the city, claiming Small and his department tried to cover up Roberts' alleged crimes. But that's not important right now. What is important is Small now finds himself in the headlines for another alleged crime involving spousal abuse and a woman.

The chief's daughter, 31-year-old Jennifer Sue Small, was arrested in a Midway City hotel Monday on suspicion of stabbing her husband during a domestic dispute.

After being held in lieu of $50,000 bail, she was arraigned in Westminster Wednesday on charges of assault with a deadly weapon and inflicting injury on her spouse.

The chief told the Orange County Register the incident was a family tragedy and that he expects his daughter, who has a long history of domestic violence, to receive no special treatment from authorities.

"This has been an ongoing problem that our family has been struggling with for many years as many other families do," Small reportedly said.

Jennifer Small's husband, who was not identified because he is considered a domestic violence victim, called law enforcement Monday morning to report he had been stabbed in the chest.

Orange County sheriff's deputies arrived at the Beach West Hotel, 15401 Beach Blvd., Midway City, and arrested the Mrs. for the attack. Her 33-year-old hubby's injuries were not life-threatening.

Jennifer Small's rap sheet includes convictions for misdemeanor driving under the influence in 2005, public intoxication in 2006, trespassing while driving and public intoxication in 2008, and trespassing in 2009.

She was also charged with misdemeanor child abuse and endangerment and possession of controlled substance in 2006 and misdemeanor corporeal injury on a spouse and vandalism in 2009, but those charges were dismissed.


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