Occupier at a Santa Ana protest last fall
Occupier at a Santa Ana protest last fall
Kevin Liu

Huntington Beach Occupiers Linked to Bank Vandalism

The Huntington Beach Independent is reporting that police there are investigating an act of vandalism that allegedly occured at a Surf City Chase bank on Tuesday. Though police have declined to say whether the suspects are members of the Occupy Orange County movement, which is protesting in the area, attorney Greg Diamond's Facebook page indicates Occupiers may have been involved. 

Diamond has served as the group's civic liaison since the movement sprang up in Orange County last fall. He was one of the negotiators who crafted an agreement with the Irvine city council allowing Occupiers to camp on the civic center lawn for nearly three months.

Diamond's posts, published on Occupy Orange County United indicate there may have been more than one act of vandalism including a Bank of America branch. Thursday morning he wrote "Now there have been arrests in HB for vandalism of a B of A, apparently by people who came in from out of town. We're not going to be able to defend what they did; among other things, they're on tape."

He also wrote that three people were believed to be involved in the Chase vandalism, which he said was also caught on surveillance video. 

Speaking to Diamond by phone yesterday, he explained that what he has heard about the incidents are still heresay and that he hasn't received any information directly from the police, but rather other Occupiers. 

He added that a general assembly was held yesterday which saw the group condemning the acts.

 "To the extent that people thought this was appropriate, they were out of synch with what people across any segment in Occupy favor," Diamond said.

A meeting with the Huntington Beach City Manager, city attorney and chief of police is planned for early next week. Diamond said he'll be attending that meeting. "We're going to try to get back onto a positive track with the city," Diamond said.

Calls to Huntington Beach Police Department were not immediately returned.

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