Huntington Beach City Council Allows Prostitution!

A couple of days ago, the Huntington Beach City Council voted to ban campaign donation limits. It would be a noteworthy story in any city, considering most have some type of cap, but it's of primary significance in HB, where streetwalkers in the form of developers have plagued the place for decades. The city is currently mulling how to redevelop its lucrative downtown, and hotels and resorts are already beginning to sully PCH anew (we remember a wonderful nine-hole golf course next to a trailer-park community inhabited by crotchety vets). Allowing Surf City candidates to rake in as much cash as possible is akin to having an AA meeting being sponsored by Jim Beam--faithful readers know the scum that tend to inhabit the council dais. More information at Greeting from Downtown Huntington Beach. In the meanwhile, bring on the whores!


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