Hugh Hewitt Urging Republicans to Vote--By Playing JFK?!

Hugh JassDespite accusing the MSM ad nauseum of bias local yakker Hugh Hewitt makes no qualms about his politics: Republican (with a large -R). Yet the lead-in music for Hewitt's radio show today featured a clip of the quintessential Democrat, John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Hewitt spliced it with a Dubya speech, insinuating that Bush is as much a statesman as JFK. Maybe someone should tell Baby Huey that JFK had most of his stuff ghostwritten and was a bad president, to boot.

BUT...the most fascinating thing in the short snippet of Hewitt we heard on the drive back to the office was the desperation in his voice. As Hewitt read off the preliminary election results from the East Coast, Hewitt urged all his listeners to vote "before it's too late." This wasn't the tone Hewitt has used in his blog, where the smugness of each post drips like a Balboa Bar in July.

Of course, the Republicans were biting their nails during the first results after the 2004 race and ended up winning. But please, God: por favor make it so that Hewitt gets to wallow in sorrow for the next two years.

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