Hugh Hewitt Looking to Rip Off His Audience

Our local conservative yakmouth, Hugh Hewitt, is pretty popular, but not really. I wouldn't place him in the top 20 syndicated radio shows in the country, and his audience is limited to conservative intellectuals (as he can engage in fascinating conversation but usually chooses not to) and coffin dodgers. So what on Earth possessed Baby Hughie to create a paid-content website? Christians usually aren't blinded by arrogance, yet yesterday was the debut of Hughniverse (blech).

What do subscribers get for $54.95 a year ($20 discount if you sign up today!) or $6.95 a month? Hughie's podcast, exclusive blog posts, and the ability to comment on his posts. WOWZA! What's especially hilarious about this is Hughie goes on and on about the glories of the Internet, about how free content will destroy the MSM, and freely gave away his radio program and thoughts—and now, he's putting up a wall (his regular website will continue, but Hughie is increasingly relying on contributors). Hughie, like some of his local prominent acolytes 'round here, is not only arrogant, but a HYPOCRITE. Folks: this is the biggest local rip-off since this laugher.


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