Hugh Hewitt Kicks Ass--But We Still Think He's an Ass

Who at the Los Angeles Times got the idea of allowing moron extraordinaire Joel Stein to pen an anti-war column? We've always loathed Stein, a man whom some enjoy for his inane banter and those of us with a shred of intellect feel is the Times worst editorial decision since putting sports stories on the Web. But after reading Stein's Jan. 24 column, in which he called people who oppose the Iraq War but support the troops "wussy," we at least respected his choice to finally grow balls.

Cue Hugh Hewitt, emasculator of pussies.

On his radio show that very day, Hewitt embarrassed Stein (Listen here if you want to cringe in a way you haven't cringed since seeing Heather Graham's late TV show). The conservative blogosphere summarily applauded Hewitt's performance, but we want to point out that exposing Stein as a know-nothing smarm-ass takes about as much effort as cutting paper with a paper shredder. Nevertheless, anyone who screws with Stein earns our respect. And advice to Times opinion editor Andres Martinez: de un mexicano al otro, no dejes a pendejos hacer el trabajo de un hombre. ¿Y dónde dejaste la tequila?


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