Hugh Hewitt Announces Most Anticlimactic Announcement Ever

Over the weekend, Orange County's own nationally syndicated yack-mouth Hugh Hewitt announced what everyone who follows the fool already knew: He'll be voting for Mitt Romney in California's Republican primary. Even crazier, Baby Hughie spouted off this gem: We need another Reagan. I think that is Romney.

Where to begin...instead, let's leave it at this: ever since the publication of his Romney hagiography this past March, Hewitt has insisted his mind wasn't made up on the Republican presidential candidate he'd support. BULLSHIT. Anyone who bothers to read and listen to Hughie knew he'd come around to publicly kiss Romney's ass--but a full-blown snowball with that Reagan reference? Next time, spare us months of false indecisiveness, Hughie, and just spill your junk pronto.


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