Hugh Hewitt and Dennis Prager Rip Off ¡Ask a Mexican! with 'Ask a Jew' Event!

I do not listen to OC's third-rate, conservative pundit Hugh Hewitt because he just became too predictable: Scalia great and Dubya great, Obama and Obama horrible. But every couple of months, I check out his website to see what he's bloviating about, just in case I need column fodder.

And that's how I discovered Baby Hewie is ripping me off.

Next weekend, Hewitt and fellow conservative blowhard Dennis Prager will set up shop at Mariner's Church in Irvine for something called "Ask a Jew," which is obviously a ripoff of ¡Ask a Mexican!--my infamous column in which I address any and all questions about America's largest and spiciest minority. The horror!

"Dennis and Hugh, apart from being prominent and insightful voices in the public square, are old friends," reads the press flackage. "We're offering you the rare opportunity to sit in on a timely conversation these two might otherwise have over dinner or, perhaps, a cigar."

WEAK SALSA . . . maybe I should do the same and slavish former Chapman University School of Law dean John Eastman with loving sycophantic slobber--YEAH, RIGHT. And, as usual when it comes to any attempted ¡Ask a Mexican! ripoffs: Unless you're anyone but Steve Allen, you've stolen my bit!

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