Huber Juarez Vasquez Gets 25 Years to Life in Cold Case Murder, Attempted Murder With Dad

For the past couple weeks, this Navel Gazer has been "on assignment" as the fancy pantie teevee reporters like the say. As much as I tried to check in along the way, some crime-iny cases we've been following here lo these many moons had major updates I just couldn't . . . quite . . . get . . . to. Consider this post the first of several today aimed at catsupping.

We begin with Huber Juarez Vasquez of Woodburn, Oregon, being found guilty of murder--just like his old man, who faces 57 years to life in the same killing of a human smuggler, or coyote, and attempted offing of a second. Indeed, it was sonny boy admitting to the shootings that led to dear ol' daddy getting caught up in the whole thing. Happy Father's Day!

Manuel Hernandez Juarez was this close to a clean getaway. After being released from federal custody on an unrelated charge, he was in a Kern County detention facility awaiting deportation in September 2009 when his son got popped for DUI in Oregon. Well, it seems junior started running his mouth, admitting to cops that he and pops put some caps in a couple coyotes in Santa Ana nine years earlier. You can almost hear the officers saying, "Oh, do go on, Huber . . ."

Turns out that in April 2000, Manuel Juarez, who was living in Santa Ana at the time, agreed to pay $1,500 to Victor Manuel Camacho and Jose Luz Garcia to bring a group that included his son across the border illegally. They picked a spot behind a Santa Ana Burger King as the drop-off spot.

What the coyotes did not know was the elder Juarez had stolen a legal resident's identity, using it to obtain a California's driver's license and two guns that he had hidden behind the B.K. When he first locked eyes on his son on the drop-off date, he slipped his pride and joy one gun and used to other to shoot Camacho in the chest. Camacho died right there. Huber Vasquez shot Garcia in the abdomen, but he survived. Pops and junior split before either figured out they left behind a survivor.

These were considered cold-case shootings until Huber spilled the beans to the Oregon cops, who obviously alerted their Santa Ana counterparts, who got the feds to hold Manuel a bit longer while they gathered the forensic evidence that made their case against the father and son.

Huber was sentenced to 25 years to life in state prison Friday. Manuel has an April 13 sentencing date. Junior better hope to God his dad doesn't end up in the same cell block. Awkward . . .

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