How to Spend Disney Bucks? Let Mickey Count the Ways

Everybody has cash to spare these days, so the big question is how to blow it to get the most bang for your buck. This is especially true, of course, of Mouseketeers. I mean, should those with valid Orange County addresses spend $99 for a three-day pass to visit Disneyland and/or California Adventure this summer? Or $269 for a Disneyland Deluxe Annual Pass that gets you 315 days of either park for a year (and comes with a $50 Disney Gift Card for each pass you buy at a Southern California Costco)? Or as low as $15.14 (or $20.21 when this post was written) for one share of Disney stock, which will allow you entry into the annual shareholders' meeting?

It apparently comes down to whether Rat Packers believe they can make a greater contribution to their little corner of Hell--a.k.a. Harbor and Katella--as a repeat patron, a really repeat patron or an actual investor. Or, you could always go to one of these. On one hand, at least it's free. On the other, and as a former parking lot boy--er--Attractions Host/seasonal Cast Member--I can tell you that option is the lowest on the Tom Sawyer Island totum pole.


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