How to Save Time, Money and Get Wall Street Journal Coverage for Cutting Your Own Hair

How do you get yourself written on Wall Street Journal online? If the nation is gripped by an economic recession whose bad ju-ju has spread even to the usually immune hair salon industry, and you're Dana Point's George Trimm, you start a Facebook group called "I Cut My Own Hair."

Trimm--yep, that's his real name--is a 22-year-old graphic designer who has cut his own hair more than 20 times in the past year, according to the WSJ article titled, "Per Capita Savings: Home Barbering Grows in Recession, With Hairy Results."

The Journal's Mary Pilon--yep, that's her real name--reports that Trimm's Facebook group is now 145 members strong, which certainly can't be good news to Supercuts, Fantastic Sam's and Floyd the barber.

"Hair is a work of art," says Trimm, cutting to the chase (sorry). "No one has mastered cutting it but me."

He's also mastered other examples of hair removal, revealing his "multimillion-dollar secret" to be placing a towel over the sink to catch hair clippings, thus ensuring an easy clean up and preventing drain clogs.

Wonder how many folks sitting around the corporate board rooms this morning have a mirror in one hand and pair of clippers in the other?


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