How to Save a Class at Santa Ana College: A Taste of Santa Ana?

Alex Flores, student body President, speaks to the Summer Session Rescue Fund Committee.
Alex Flores, student body President, speaks to the Summer Session Rescue Fund Committee.

If the members of Santa Ana College's Associated Student Government don't resurrect a class for the school's currently canceled summer session this year, it won't be for lack of trying.

So far, a fruit cup sale and a parking raffle have raised $1,000. The committee needs a total of $4,500 to bring back one class.

Their latest fund-raising idea: A Taste of Santa Ana, an event that would feature a variety of local restaurants offering samples of their food.

At their most recent board meeting on Jan. 19, the ASG decided to schedule the event for April 21.

"We think that this will be a great opportunity, not only for us but for the restaurants," said student body president Alex Flores. "We not only are getting help, but they are basically marketing and promoting their restaurant."

The ASG has received approval from the college to hold the event, which would include live music and entertainment, on-campus; they hope to charge a $15 entry fee. Now, all that's missing are the restaurants.

Since last year, Santa Ana College and Santiago Canyon College had 400 classes cut from their schedules. As it stands, the colleges serve a total of 56,000 people, including students interested in transferring, getting professional degrees, and training certificates.

"I think we can do it, we just need the help of the community," said Richard Santana, Santa Ana College student and ASG volunteer. "In the end, one class will make a big difference to many people. We can only hope that the community involvement will continue to grow just like the Summer School Rescue Fund (SSRF)."

The students are hopeful that this latest effort will fill the gap in the SSRF.

"We are trying very hard to be optimistic about the whole thing [fund-raising]," Flores said. "We have about 89 days to put the whole event together and we hope it turns out well."

To find out more about the proposed Taste of Santa Ana event at Santa Ana College, e-mail Alex Flores at

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