Duong: bad shopper
Duong: bad shopper

How Many Prison Years Should a Sock Thief Get?

Though he had three prior theft strikes against him, Orange County's Dung Hoang Duong just couldn't help himself.

In November 2009, Duong entered a store, shoved a package of cheap socks into his pants and was detained by an observant security guard before he could leave.

A jury in Judge John Conley's courtroom found him guilty of shoplifting a month later, but Duong--who'd already been to prison twice--appealed his conviction.

He claimed he'd paid for the socks only to watch the security guard steal and destroy the receipt prior to his arrest. It might have helped his case if he didn't have a long rap sheet for stealing. Appellate justices quickly rejected his argument.

For trying to steal $5 worth of socks, Duong--who is 46 years old--won a six-year trip to a California prison.

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly


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