Little Seoul businessman Charles Lee
Little Seoul businessman Charles Lee
Kristine Hoang/OC Weekly

How Little Seoul's Ping Pong/Billiards Halls Reflect Changing Demographics [VIDEO]

Little Saigon is easily the oldest and largest enclave of Vietnamese-American businesses and residents in the country. Covering Westminster, Fountain Valley, and Garden Grove, it's easy to forget that the popular Korean restaurants like Cham Sut Gol and Kaju Soft Tofu are in a region of Garden Grove named Little Seoul.

Drive down the enclave's Garden Grove Boulevard and you'll find a vibrant array of Korean-owned businesses, from bakeries to integrated ping pong and billiards halls popular in Korean culture.

One is 2000 Points Billiards, which has been around for over twenty years. One of the most compelling changes the business has experienced, says its owner, is a rise in Vietnamese clientele and reduction in Korean ones. It makes sense: according to the 2011 U.S. Census Bureau, both Westminster and Garden Grove have the highest concentration of Vietnamese-Americans than any other American city.

Our guide, Little Seoul businessman Charles Lee, explains that this change in demographic has been the case for all Little Seoul businesses. And you know what? It has been nothing but good for them. Take a look:


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