Hunt: May you surround yourself with sane people next time...
Hunt: May you surround yourself with sane people next time...

How Far Can Anti-Immigrant Campaigning Take You in OC? For Bill Hunt and Steve Poizner, NOWHERE

I was in San Francisco all of yesterday, so couldn't join in the election coverage like Coker, Scott, Spencer, and Megan. But I spent most of last night in a hotel room updating the Orange County Registrar of Voters website, sure that they suffered another epic meltdown like in years past. The results were showing that sheriff's candidate Bill Hunt--who surrounded himself with hate mavens like Barbara Coe and America's Most-Corrupt Sheriff® Joe Arpayaso--not only was not winning the race against incumbent Sandra Hutchens, he couldn't even force her into a run-off.

Not only that, but dweeby* Steve Poizner, who swung farther to the anti-immigrant side in his efforts to capture the Republican nomination for governor than Pete Wilson ever did, was getting beat by Meg Whitman--not just statewide, but also in OC.

All precincts have now reported, and the results are official: Hunt and Poizner were TROUNCED. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

The final results show Hutchens captured 51.9% of the vote--a slim majority, but one that nevertheless prevented a November runoff. Hunt captured 28% of the vote, with Anaheim Police Department deputy chief Craig Hunter coming in third at 20.1%. Poizner only got 26.6% of the vote in Orange County, while Whitman received 66.3%. More amazingly, Poizner fared worse in OC--just barely, but still--than he did statewide.

What?! Such pathetic showings by candidates who played to the anti-Mexican fringes in Orange County--Orange County, the birthplace of Proposition 187, the Minuteman Project, Mendez, et al v. Westminster, Doss v Bernal, Rule-of-Law pendejadas, and Taco Bell? What's next--Don Papi Pulido waving the Zapatista flag? Hey, Know Nothings: care to explain why your boys got beat like a piñata?

*I say "dweeby" as the biggest Mexican nerd in OC, so you know Poizner's a dweeb...


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