How Do You NOT Spell Ethics? K-T-L-A

Anyone been watching the KTLA Morning News lately? The Los Angeles Times, which like KTLA is owned by Chicago's Tribune media giant, has come down hard on anchors Carlos Amezcua and Michaela Pereira, as well as entertainment reporter Sam Rubin, for receiving free stays in a hotel their "news" show was promoting, and Pereira was further demonized for accepting a remodeled living room, including new furniture, as the result of a home makeover segment that never aired.

But Clockwork's favorite talking head of the bunch (and the only one who hasn't got caught up in these ethics-challenged incidents) is weatherman Mark Kriski. We swear someone's been dosing the dude's coffee, because as the early hours drag on he just gets goofier and goofier. In recent weeks he's also let slip his political philosophy -- a big no-no at the Times, anyway. First there was the recent day Kriski, who was not joking, called CNN the "Al-Qaida network." This is interesting because some KTLA news feeds come directly from CNN and its reporters. On a post-Oscar show, as Pereira was mentioning how much she laughed at awards host Jon Stewart, Kriski said he did not watch the Oscars nor The Daily Show, which Stewart anchors on Comedy Central

Stewart, Kriski said, "is not even on my radar." We think you can figure out what that's code for.


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