Henry W. Head: Godfather of OC, OC racists. Has nothing to do with post other than we love posting his photo to screw with our Sunkist memories...
Henry W. Head: Godfather of OC, OC racists. Has nothing to do with post other than we love posting his photo to screw with our Sunkist memories...

How Did the Doll Hut End Up Hosting a White-Power Show?

The Doll Hut in Anaheim, of course, needs no introduction (but if you need one, read this and this) and is one of the last music venues in Orange County us old-timers would ever suspect of holding white-power shows, especially considering Mexicans now own it. Yet that's exactly what happened this past June 27, when a coterie of skinheads, ugly blondes, and an untold number of methheads and cons sieg heil-ed the afternoon away with nary a hassle.

According to Doll Hut promoter Timm Saxton, the venue was duped into hosting the show. The way he tells it, a rockabilly couple approached the Doll Hut bar manager and asked if they could rent the space out for a wedding reception. "Nothing was mentioned that there was going to be anything like [a white-power show] going on," Saxton says. Since he was off the week the couple appeared, and they were asking for an afternoon on a day no other shows were scheduled the bar manager decided to go ahead and rent it out. When she drove up to the Doll Hut and saw she was duped, the bar manager called Saxton.

"Rather than causing a havoc, I just said, 'Let them get their thing over--it's during the day and nobody normal is going to be there, anyway'," Saxton says. "She felt like shit about it--still does. But that's why you have a promoter and a booker to do it. You have to screen the bands before you put them on the bill. That's why they have me here doing the job."

YouTube clips exist of the event, although we're not linking to them because the bands that played unsurprisingly sucked (musically, they're no Skrewdriver). They show the pendejos sully the Doll Hut's proud walls with ois!, bad chords, and Hitler salutes substituted for actual talent. "When you have fucking Nazis at your bar man, you're got two things," one Jabba the Hut-looking turd said to the packed Doll Hut. "You've got your bar drank dry, and you ain't sure the fuck can't gonna have no problems from the outside this motherfucker, right? [Gustavo note: shit, even wabs don't use triple negatives!]. So, anyone who stands for business sense, is a business man, wants us here, 'cause no ones going to fuck with us here, and we're gonna drink your bar dry."

So proud! That's why ustedes have to hide your show like the cockroaches of humanity that you are.

As for the Doll Hut, we're willing to give them the benefit of the doubt about them being duped. Lest longtime readers compare them to the Shack, Saxton offered no excuses and was openly apologetic for the Doll Hut's faux pas. But we invite readers to let us know what venues skinheads use in secret like the cowards they are for their shows--leave comments below, and proof at GArellano@ocweekly.com!


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