Hot Ticket

Los Angeles County firefighters who traveled the distance to fight recent blazes in San Diego County are being charged $100 for using the toll roads without paying the fee, the Register reported today.

It seems that these "heroes" think they are the kings of the world who are magically exempt from such charges. Darn firefighters! They think they can get away with everything. It's not like they were heading to save some lives or anything.

Oh wait. Yes they were. In fact, the blazes destroyed 1700 homes, burned 368000 acres and killed 10 people in San Diego county and the damage could have been worse if it weren't for these brave souls.

But emergency situations don't seem to matter much to the TCA, who told the LAFD to pay up regardless. However, they were nice enough to reduce the fine to $5 after much coaxing from fire department officials.

All I have to say is that the TCA better hope their headquarters doesn't catch fire any time soon. That might make for an uncomfortable situation.

Read the Register's story here.


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