Hanging to this day in a Huntington Beach dive bar
Hanging to this day in a Huntington Beach dive bar
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Hot Damn! A Wally George "Hot Seat" Reunion Night is Coming to the Foxfire

Orange County's favorite combative-conservative television forefather Wally George passed away on Oct. 5, 2003. The famously-known "coffin-dodger" survived a near-fatal car wreck, the playful beratings of the Weekly's Matt Coker, the cold shoulder of his daughter actress Rebecca De Mornay, but eventually lost his health war to pneumonia.

It's odd an old man's illness would be the thing take him to the "big cable access show in the sky" considering he battled "the sleaziest, sickest band in the history of rock and roll" Gwar, Ku Klux Klan Grand Dragon Tom Metzger, and DJ Rick Dees--and won!

"Combat TV" personalities like Bill O'Reilly and Jerry Springer owe a kiss to his long-dead feet for paving the way for their careers. You know that audience mantra "Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!"? That arguably began with "Wall-y!", "Wall-y!", "Wall-y!"

Anyway, love him or hate him, the fine folks that sat their ("sick, sick, sick!") asses on his "Hot Seat" will never forget Wally with the Wig and have initiated a Wally George Alumni Reunion set for Sept. 21 at the Foxfire in Placentia Anaheim Hills, presumably in honor of the 10-year anniversary of his death. Jeff Tolcher (30-plus time veteran of the "Hot Seat") and two-time seat warmer George Kuc are big champions of Mr. George and created the event dubbed Wally-Con.

What keeps these men kneeling at the alter of Wally George? "He was ours," Tolcher said of the Anaheim-based show's host, following up with the observation that Wally really never got the credit he deserved. Tolcher spends much of his time uploading VHS recordings of the "Hot Seat" to YouTube in attempts to preserve Wally's unique, groundbreaking legacy.

Former "Hot Seat" alumni will be at the Foxfire on Sept. 21, recalling their fond memories of Orange County's favorite conservative "coffin-dodger" (as identified by our Mexican-in-Chief this a 2002 food review). Some of the alumni slated to attend and speak are:

Queen Kong, female wrestler Gary Chartier, founder of the libertarian New America Party Charli Haynes, female wrestler Tony Fisch, liberal realist Lance LaCour, arch conservative Allan Dollison Jeff Tolcher, liberal activist George Kuc, founder of the Young Activists of America and Wally George Alumni

You never know who else will show up. Enjoy this video with highlights from some of the attending alumni:

If you wish to attend as a fan or alumni (like many of us at the Weekly sincerely do), email Tolcher at tallbaldie2 [at] yahoo [dot] com, message him on Facebook here or on his YouTube account here. It's free to attend but buy your own food and drinks, folks. You must RSVP to attend to ensure admittance. Otherwise YOU'RE OUTTA HERE!

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