Horrifying Dog Abuse in OC Captured on Video

Several months ago, I drove three times to visit the Santa Ana Police Department Animal Control to report a neighbor's dog abuse. I was told my word wasn't good enough--that I needed evidence such as photographs, video--proving the abuse.

Today, I went home for lunch and found another neighbor repeatedly punching, choking and strangling her small dog in the courtyard of my condo complex.

An immediate call to a local animal cruelty organization produced only a figurative shoulder shrug and a suggestion to call the Santa Ana police.

In a call to Santa Ana police, an officer said they were too busy to listen to my report today but will "try to call" tomorrow.

If you'd like the authorities to act with a bit more urgency, call the department at 1-714-245-8665 or the Orange County District Attorney's office at 1-714-834-3600.

WARNING: This woman's behavior is extremely disturbing.

-- R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly


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