Home of OC Fairground's CEO Gets Egged
Jay Brockman

Home of OC Fairground's CEO Gets Egged

The president and CEO of the Orange County Fair and Events Center got egged, which apparently costs $3,000 to clean up. And then there is the noxious liquid . . .

The fair district's board of directors voted unanimously today to spend $3,000 of public money on a security system to prevent more vandalism against the Steve Beazley residence.

According to Robin Wachner, OC Fair spokesperson, the residence in which Beazley resides with his wife and two young children has been the target of four attacks since July, indicating that the high school-style pranks are the result of anger over the board's vote to sell the fairgrounds.

"It's not the money that's the big deal; it's how this is affecting his family," said Wachner in a KPCC report.

The top dog at the Orange County Fairgrounds has had these horrific acts perpetrated against him:

  • Eggs. Thrown against his house.
  • A noxious liquid. Also thrown at his house (read: stink bomb).
  • Fliers distributed around Beazley's neighborhood claiming he's been convicted of crimes against children and women.

All right, that last one is not so inane. But 3,000 large for closed-circuit cameras and a monitor?

Accodring to the Daily Pilot, Beazley's annual salary is $143, 539.


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