Thuy Le's booking photo.
Thuy Le's booking photo.
Courtesy of Westminster Police Department

Hold Your Mother of the Year Ballots: Here's the Woman Who Allegedly Stabbed Her Little Girls

This photo was taken today of Thuy Le, 38, of Garden Grove, after she was booked for allegedly trying to stab to death her 3- and 5-year-old daughters before turning the knife on herself in Westminster Wednesday morning.
Le had been treated for stab wounds at UCI Medical Center in Orange before being released, arrested and booked into Orange County Jail on attempted murder charges.

Her daughters, who have not been identified because of their ages, remain at the same medical center. Though the youngest was clinging to life after the incident, both are now expected to survive, according to the Westminster Police Department.

Officers responded to a reported stabbing at 14372 Starsia about 6:30 a.m. Wednesday. Inside they discovered the three stabbing victims. Police say the mother, identified as Le, told officers that she had stabbed her daughters then had tried to kill herself.


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