Hoag Hospital Backs Out of Vaccine Debate

Hoag Hospital Backs Out of Vaccine Debate

The baby mama breastfeeding boutique in South County known as Milkalicious has sent word to the Weekly that Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach has pulled out of hosting the "The Great Vaccine Debate," an event the milkers had scheduled for Sept. 16th. According to the release, the hospital changed its mind over hosting the event because it "...did not back up Hoag's current pediatric practices with regards to vaccinations."

Hm. The panel of experts scheduled to talk candidly about the controversy surrounding the fatter batch of vaccines now given to kids and babies at younger ages, was going to be all doctors. But they were scheduled to talk about alternatives and perhaps even possibly (gasp) the idea that parents can and maybe should hold off on heavy rounds of vaccinations for their very young. This may have not only upset Hoag's position, which is presumably pro-vaccine, but probably also flustered the feathers of big brother, er, big pharma -- the supply side of the debate. The last thing pharmaceutical companies want is a bunch of touchy feely breast feeders getting a much needed debate going in the county.

The move is unfortunate for Hoag, which missed out on the opportunity to show its patients that engaging in an informed debate is a healthy thing, and more importantly, that it's not swayed by the push of big pharma. Lucky for Milkalicious, they were able to keep the same date for the debate, and moved it instead to Dave and Buster's at the Block in Orange.

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