Ho no, Pimp yes

As one of the more obnoxious members of the East Coast media elite, a man with a long history of spewing racist and other repellent nonsense, may have finally damaged his career by using the word "hos", the governor of the West Coast's largest state is about to publicly embrace "pimp" style.   As the current issue of Newsweek explains, Governor Schwarzenegger will be appearing on the April 22nd episode of MTV's "Pimp My Ride", to promote green technology for cars.  But as the San Francisco Chronicle's Tom Chorneau points out, green tech isn't all that Arnold will be promoting with his appearance:

…a closer look shows one of Schwarzenegger's big campaign donors is also getting a boost in the April 22 episode -- Galpin Motors.

One of Galpin's Southern California showrooms is where the hit TV show is filmed. Owners of the company, H.F. Boeckmann and Jane Boeckmann, are also among the governor's big supporters.

The Boeckmann's gave $44,600 to the governor's re-election committee last year and in 2005, they also gave another $44,600 to the governor's primary ballot committee, the California Recovery Team.

Galpin Motors appears in the first paragraph of the Newsweek story on Green Arnold-- the cover story, no less.  You can't buy publicity like that… or can you?  Other major donors should consider if they're also getting good value for their money.


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