Hilarious Quote of The Year Award Goes To...

Peter Callahan, longtime attorney for the Catholic Diocese of Orange.

Today, the Orange County Register plays catchup to the Los Angeles Times and interviews Scott Hicks, who claims Bishop Tod D. Brown abused him decades ago. Again, no mention of the fact that the Weekly broke this story six months ago.

But we're straying from our point. In the Register piece, Callahan was asked to comment about Brown. Not only does Callahan label Hicks' allegation as an "attack," but he then offers this gem:

"Bishop Brown is a good and decent man and he has led the way among many bishops across the country in trying to resolve the pain of victims who have been harmed in any way by any things or persons associated with the Church," [Callahan] continued.

Hey, Petey: dunno how much silver His Excellency is paying you to spout such crapola, but I wouldn't classify as "good and decent" somebody who creates one set of rules for themselves and another for everyone else. And that's just the most recent example to cite: here's some hella older ones.


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