High Times Miss 2011 Hails From Newport Beach

High Times Miss 2011 Hails From Newport Beach

Yesterday, on April 20, stoners across America were toking up at exactly 4:20 pm--4/20 and 420 is stoner code for smoking out, in case you didn't already know what your kids are talking, or texting about, as the case may be, with their friends. In honor of this important occasion, High Times magazine officially announced this year's Miss High Times, following an exhaustive review of contestants' applications, complete with lists of pot-related events they've participated in.

And the winner is....pause for bong rip sound effects and coughing....

Miss Clazina Rose from Newport Beach, everybody!!!

According to High Time's announcement, Clazina wasn't chosen simply because she's a hot chick who smokes weed. "Sure, she submitted some of the highest quality photos we've seen all year, but that's only a small part of why we chose her as our new spokesmodel," the magazine explains. "Clazina works in not one but two medical marijuana dispensaries and has attended and tirelessly promoted at nearly ever major marijuana event we can think of, including the Champs convention in Las Vegas, our Stony Awards in Hollywood, and our Medical Marijuana Cups in Denver and San Francisco."

The announcement also reports that Clazina has even modeled for Grassroots Hats, "the official hat maker of the Cannabis Cup" is a member of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), has a Dutch dad, and was "ganja girl of the month in our once-in-a-lifetime 420th collector's issue.

"All these things, we feel, make her 'highly' qualified to represent the magazine and stoner chicks all across this great nation of ours," High Times concludes.

Among other things, Clazina wins a free trip to Amsterdam, where she will be a celebrity judge at the 24th Annual Cannabis Cup.

You can see photos of Clazina and the two runner ups over here.


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