High Security Meets High Fashion

Slate follows up on word that Barack Obama wore bullet-proof clothing during his inauguration by noting that a Colombian company, Miguel Caballero, makes bullet-resistant leather jackets, polo shirts, windbreakers and ruffled tuxedo shirts, which range from a few hundred dollars to $7,000 in price.

Hmmm, who in Colombia would need fashionable, bullet-proof clothing?

Media Bistro's Unbeige had fun with the menswear line back in August, when it debuted at Harrods of London:

What do you buy for the Russian oligarch who has everything? How about a bulletproof tuxedo shirt (shown here) or a suede jacket that's resistant to mini Uzi fire?

So Obama will have something to talk with Putin about!


Caballero's garments are available in three levels of protection, ranging from low (able to withstand, say, the shot of a .38 caliber pistol) to high (protecting against M5 submachine gun fire). In addition to its fashion lines, the company sells traditional body armor to military and security personnel.

There's even a local hook. Under a tab called "V.I.P. Clients," designer Caballero is pictured with hulking, huffing-and-puffing action star Steven Seagal, the recipient of one of ex-Sheriff Mike Carona's tainted Orange County Reserve Deputy badges.

I hope P. Diddy knows about this.


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