Khan: Why hasn't the CIA already hired this guy?
Khan: Why hasn't the CIA already hired this guy?

High School Grade-Altering Scam Nets Ex-Student Jail Sentence

South Orange County's Tesoro High School encourages its students to be "independent learners," and so you could argue that Omar Shahid Khan's scholarship exceeded all his classmates.

In 2008, Khan and another student slyly used computer spyware equipment against a school official to steal advanced-placement (AP) tests from classrooms, alter test scores and change official college-transcript grades.

Somewhere, John Belushi is smiling, but prosecutors weren't entertained or amused. 

Today, thanks to the DA's "White Collar Crime" unit, Khan pleaded guilty to three felony charges, including commercial burglary and altering public records. 

The DA's office said in a press release that Khan, now 21, will be sentenced on Aug. 26; his punishment "is expected to be" 30 days in jail, three years of probation, 500 hours of community service and $14,900 in restitution. 

Khan's co-defendant, Tanvir Singh, also now 21, pleaded guilty in 2008 and received a punishment of 200 hours of community service and three years of formal probation.

An Orange County Sheriff's Department investigation revealed that Khan had spent his senior year at the high school placing spyware devices on the computers of several teachers and school administrators. 


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