You can stare into those eyes on Friday morning.
You can stare into those eyes on Friday morning.

Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Values: Michele Bachmann is Coming to Costa Mesa This Friday

The rumors are true: Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, the shiny faced and morally misguided Tea Party presidential candidate, will be sharing her wisdom and campaign rhetoric in Costa Mesa on Friday morning. Whether she will be incorrectly citing history or continuing to revise even her own history is unknown, but it is known that she will be speaking for at the Orange County Fairgrounds at 9 a.m., according to the Orange County Republican Party's website.

We should all go, if only to see a famous politician or at least realize that there is at least one person on the Earth more delusional than we believe ourselves to be. 

Bachmann remains the lightning rod that she's been since she announced her intention to be the first female president, but her campaign has lost some of its momentum in recent weeks. Part of the blame can be tied to Texas governor Rick Perry (who likes to cite Galileo) entering the race, or it may be because she came across as a broken record at a pair of Republican debates, using the term "Obamacare" what the Weekly estimated to be 437 times. (We plan to keep a more accurate count on Friday.) She strikes us as a bright enough woman, but she really needs a new catchphrase.

It's possible Bachmann is just in town to meet with her new protection agency, Talon Companies, and just figured since OC has long been a conservative hotbed, she'd step out and say hello. Whatever may be the case, we're happy to have her.

The event is free to the public (though there will be a $5 parking fee) and according to the Daily Pilot report, will involve Bachmann addressing attendees for 15 minutes. She's a busy woman: she has a gay population to repeatedly insult and places to be.

If we're lucky, her speech writers will take the morning off and let Bachmann do what she does best: wing it and come across as an utter dimwit in the process.


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