Hi-Tech Stalker Cop Caught

Tracking devices: not just for sci-fi flicks and pricey pooches. Cops who can't get dates hide them in women's cars, too!

Aaron Paul Parsons is a 30-year-old police officer with the Costa Mesa Police Department, and the Orange County DA is accusing him of being a super stalker.

Haven't cops done enough insanely (rape) creepy (murder) shit (rape) lately?

Parsons is accused of hiding a Global Positioning System (GPS) device in a woman's car, totally unbeknownst to her. The device was discovered after the woman noticed that Parsons kept popping up unexpectedly in places he wasn't known to frequent.

It may have gone down like this:

At the grocery store: Oh, hi officer! Nice to see again.

At the laundry mat: Oh . . . hi officer. Here you are again.

At the hair salon: You're stalking me, aren't you?

According to the DA, after the stalk-a-lot cop and Jane Doe had several run-ins, she became suspicious enough to check her car. She found the device, which belonged to the Costa Mesa PD, and reported it to the police.

Officer Parsons is being charged with unlawful use of an electronic tracking device, which could land him a maximum sentence of six months in jail.


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