[Hey, You!] Nice Going, Gandalf

High-school-sports fans can be rude, but you, old man, take the cake. When another team comes into our house and beats us badly, we should be mad but still sportsmanlike. You were the seventysomething-year-old fan from Brea Olinda High School watching our junior varsity basketball team get beaten by a better team led by a point guard with great ability—and an obvious growth problem. This kid kicked our full-size boys up and down the court. After the game, you came down and shook his hand right in front of us and told him good game. Then you called him a hobbit! Luckily for you, the other coach stepped in before the parents got to you. But later, I saw the kid's dad heading your way at the varsity game and decided to not get involved. I hope he did to you what any good father would.


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