[Hey, You!] Good Samexicans
Matt Bors

[Hey, You!] Good Samexicans

Times are tough, which is why my car ran out of gas on the 55 South the other day. I managed to coast it onto the Edinger offramp, where it promptly stopped. Fancy cars zoomed by as I got out and lamely began pushing it to nowhere. (I’m skinny; the car is massive.) White people walked by and pretended not to see me. Leave it to you, O quartet of Mexicans, to come to my rescue. You guys didn’t speak any English—hell, none of you so much as acknowledged me as you stopped your pickup truck, rushed out and began pushing. You didn’t just push me to the side of the road—no, you pushed my heavy car all the way to a parking lot a good 500 feet away from where I stopped. When I offered cash, you all refused as you walked back to your truck and sped off to no doubt another job and harassment by idiots. God bless you for your charity, and fuck anyone who speaks shit on Mexicans ever again.


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