[Hey. You!] Go, Dog, Go!
Matt Bors

[Hey. You!] Go, Dog, Go!

You were the lady at the Costa Mesa High School track a couple of months ago who had three dogs with her on a Saturday night. I was the guy training for a marathon. I was about an hour and a half into my 20-mile run when you showed up with your dogs. I didn’t mind that they weren’t on leashes because I figured they were trained to behave. About five minutes later, one of your dogs started chasing me. You got the dog away from me but didn’t even bother to apologize. Over the next 45 minutes, your dog chased me three more times before I finally went off at you for not controlling your pets. You tried to tell me the dog was small and wouldn’t have bitten me as it was only 6 months old. Really? I don’t know and you don’t know what that dog will do. Maybe it could have bitten me and injured me or given me a disease. Also, I could have tripped or hurt your dog with my strides. I had to cut my run 6 miles short because of you, and you had the nerve to get mad at me?! Next time, keep your dogs on leashes if you cannot keep them from chasing people—and have the sense to apologize if they are out of line. You were quick to point out you were 60 years old, which, to me, is enough time to learn some manners. No wonder your dogs were so misbehaved; look at their dumbass owner!

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