[Hey, You!] Free to Be You and Me
Matt Bors

[Hey, You!] Free to Be You and Me

To the Muslim dad who glared at me because I kept watching his prepubescent daughter: I’m not a pervert. But watching your daughter brought me so much happiness. Here was a little girl, decked out in hijab and jeans, without a care in the world, running around the halal supermarket after Friday-night mosque service in those weird sneakers that turn into roller skates. Seventy-five percent of Orange County would’ve been frightened to death of her, called the hijab an oppressive tool and you a terrorist. I know you’ve told her this, and I know you’ve also told her not to pay attention to those dinosaurs. She’s the future, and it’ll be a great future, one so much better than the current intolerance your religion is going through. Congrats, and praise be to Allah for your fine parenting.

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