[Hey, You!] Bus Fuss

My car recently broke down, and I find myself "bus-bound," which in these days of outrageous gas prices may be a blessing. Except for all you assholes under 30 years old who ride the bus, in apparent healthy condition sitting in the seats marked (in English and Spanish), "You MUST vacate these seats for disabled or elderly passengers." I saw several women over 75 trying to stand up, but they were too short to reach the support straps, so they held one another or a seat back to remain standing while YOU ASSHOLES sat watching. On two occasions, I loudly commented on how wonderful it is there is a law requiring you assholes to give the seats to the old women. You all sat there oblivious. A young man with a prosthetic arm stood right in front of two of you assholes. He attempted to support himself holding the bar with his mechanical hand. Then his hand broke off! Still, you assholes would not get off your lazy asses to offer the guy a seat.

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