Hey, You!

Illustration by Bob AulThanks for letting me know what a raging homophobe you are. In an effort to get Governor Davis recalled, you came into my place of business with your petition THREE TIMES. What bugged you the most about Davis? The sliding economy? The massive state budget? The destruction of public education? No, each time you came in, you went off on a rant about the need to stop a bill legalizing same-sex marriages. You must have said the word HOMOsexual—emphasis on "HOMO!"—eight times in each five-minute period. So, listen up, you twisted hag: I DON'T want them to stop the same-sex marriage bill. Why? It ain't because I'm gay, it's because it's none of my business what consenting adults do with one another in their spare time. And what's up with the too-short skirt? And the bad dye job? Instead of wandering from business to business, maybe you should do something about your damn hair!


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