Hey, You!

Illustration by Bob Aul

You are the wicked witch that came into our dad's life and almost ruined him emotionally, physically and financially for four years. He was grieving the loss of our mom and you worked on him from the day he came to the Senior Center. You thought you were smart and you were going to drain his accounts, get him to sell his house, and then after sucking everything out of him you were going to kick him to the curb. My sister and I had such bad feelings about you we almost ruined the wedding. Well, we will never keep our mouths shut again when we feel this strongly about someone. What you didn't count on when you were about to demand a divorce from him and take his money was that his two kids would turn into private detectives and make sure you wouldn't succeed in lying to the court. Hey, how did you like that lien on your house? Guess you didn't, because you sure scrambled quickly with the check in hand to Dad's lawyer's office to pay the rest of what you owed. Wow, and you didn't even need a wheelchair—or was that just for your "poor little old lady" act in court? How pathetic! My sister and I had bets with the lawyer that you would probably show up to court in a wheelchair, neck brace, leg brace, and a cast, even though you never needed a wheelchair all the years we knew you. We settled out of court so we didn't have to look at your sorry ugly face and so Dad didn't have a heart attack from all the stress you put in his life. Good riddance, you lying, scamming, weasel, loser, bitch, witch, wolf in sheep's clothing, grifter—hell isn't good enough for you! The next time we ever see your name, it better be in the obituary section of the newspaper—and at your age, it won't be very far into the future. If I were you, I'd relocate somewhere far away. Is your phone ringing? Is there a knock at your door? Look out, the creditors are coming after you!

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