Hey, You!

You were the fat, stupid bitch strolling side by side with your friend on the beach path last weekend. I was the guy pushing the stroller, strolling side by side with my wife. We were in the pedestrian lane, so as to avoid the bikers and rollerbladers. As you approached, it became clear you had no intention of stepping into the bike lane to allow us through, even though you could see the oncoming traffic. Given that you were walking on the left side of the path and we were on our right, you should have moved out of the way. But you didn't, at least not until the last possible moment. A standoff of idiotic proportions narrowly avoided. Then you yelled in your hideous, screeching voice, "Get that stroller out of the walking lane!" We said nothing. There was no point in responding to such stupidity. But it was nice that the old couple walking nearby, in the wisdom of their many combined years, stopped in their tracks, turned around and called you out for the petty little piece of shit you are. "Get over it!" they said. When we passed by you later that morning on our way back, we stepped out of your way. The stupid smirk on your face, frothing with vile inanity, still brightens up my day.

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