Hey, You!

I was the person about to give a $10 bill to the wheelchair-bound woman who sells pens at the local grocery store. I've spent more money on chocolate before. Just as I was coming out the door toward her, wallet in hand, you got there a fraction of a second before me—in fact, we nearly collided. I deferred, and you went first. Then you did something wonderful. You took the woman by the hand, told her your name, and spoke to her for a few seconds in the kindest and most direct and unpatronizing way, bought your pen and left. You treated the woman as a human being, an equal, and she responded to you with happiness and a smile. Even though I frequently stop, I haven't always been entirely comfortable in knowing what to say to her, especially since this woman is barely able to make a sound. So for the first time, I stopped for a moment and let her know I was happy to see her, too. I don't even really remember what you look like, but thanks for brightening up more than one person's day.

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