Hey, You!

You are the oh-so-cute and friendly young lady with a long-term boyfriend. And we are the best friends of your very best guy friend, who you have been stringing along (and along) like a sad little puppy for the last two years. He's all but told you he's in love with you; you've all but said the same. You hold his hand. You phone him when you're drunk. And yet still you've never left your boyfriend. In the meantime, our friend has pleaded with you to leave him alone, to let him get over you. So what do you do? Invite him out for drinks two days later. Our friend might be weak, but your cherry lollipop veneer is beginning to wear off. This Christmas, give the world a gift. Let him go. Stop yourself before you turn into a vile bitch—and before you break our friend's heart for good.

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