Hey, You!

Illustration by Bob Aul

2006 ended with the death of a US president and the execution of a deposed leader. It ended with the war in Iraq exceeding the entire amount of time the US was involved in WWII and the US soldier death count topping the total number who died in the World Trade Center, all this with Iraq now in the middle of civil war and complete chaos. 2006 left us with the number of people considered financially "middle class" diminishing and the number of people classified at the poverty level increasing. While personal incomes dropped for the majority, the government still was able to mismanage $2 billion for Hurricane Katrina victims and not account for its whereabouts. I was happy to leave 2006 behind but wondered about what 2007 would have in store for us. Like many others, I turned on the Rose Parade this morning. As I sat watching, the sun rose and showered across my living room, and just then, as if offering me a ray of hope, came the sign I was looking for: IMPEACH. Just to the left of the Norton Simon Museum were a few people holding up this sign made up of block letters. KTLA made no attempt to cut out this sign (kudos to them for not attempting to censor) and it was shown on many occasions. This Hey You goes out to those people who froze their asses off to secure those seats for the parade, made the IMPEACH sign, and bravely kept it up during the parade. I wished I could come thank you personally, but I live too far away and the parade would end before I could reach you. Thank you for having 2007 start with a vision of beauty and inspiration, both in the form of that sign and the Rose Parade.

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